Rx&D, CIHR and ACAHO will be co-hosting the Canadian Clinical Trial Summit in Ottawa on September 15, 2011.

This Summit will bring together approximately 150 key stakeholders from across Canada to develop an action plan in order to respond more effectively to the challenges of maintaining strong Canadian clinical trials activity.  The anticipated audience of this invitation-only event will represent groups from national academic organizations, universities/research hospitals, research-based industry, federal/provincial government departments and politicians at both levels of government.

This Summit will address topics of critical importance to the Canadian clinical trial environment, including:

  • Ethics review process
  • Recruitment, patient retention and follow-up (administrative databases, e-records)
  • Cost structure
  • Administrative (contracts, standard operating procedures, education, training)
  • Future – what strengths can Canada develop that would make a difference in 5-10 years?

These discussions will be focused to produce measurable outcomes and actions that are implementable in the short-term.

Event organized by World Health Advocacy and The Cameron Institute.