A summary report of a multi-sector outreach project on the social and economic burden of disease in Turkey.

Since 1970 Turkey has been very successful in achieving rapid demographic and epidemiological transition via infectious disease control and reducing maternal and other forms of early mortality. Life expectancy at birth has risen by 25 years and the infant death rate has fallen from about 150 to under 10 per 1000 live births.

A new report (co-authored by Professor David Taylor and Dr. Sarah Carter , UCL School of Pharmacy; Professor Dr. Mehtap Tatar, Hacettepe University; and Dr. Panos Kanavos and Dr. Federico Grimaccia and Dr. David Tordrup, LSE Health) seeks to place recent health advances in Turkey in the context of global health improvement in the 20th century and internationally recognised opportunities for further improvement in the 21st century.