Ward Health works with governments, academia and patient groups around the world in the quest for better health.


Patients are the heart of health care, from discovery to delivery, and they must be engaged in every aspect of health policy decision-making. Ward Health has established a global network of hundreds of patient groups - from regional coalitions to international organizations - resulting in an unprecedented ability to engage patients in more than 100 countries.


Advancing patient care and the search for treatments and cures is only possible when stakeholders across the spectrum from research and academia, to patient groups, health care providers and industry leaders come together with government to build a framework for progress. Ward Health works at this intersection of public policy development.‚Äč


Ward Health advocates for public policies that foster medical discovery and innovation - the path to improving the quality of life for millions of people. Innovation also enhances the financial sustainability of health systems by easing the economic and social burden of chronic illness and disease.