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Assistant Director, Partnerships and International Relations - Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (IHDCYH-CIHR)

Elisabeth Fowler has close to twenty years of experience in the health care field, primarily in the areas of policy, research and patient access.  Her work experience has been diverse – ranging from wellness-related initiatives at a community organization to planning and implementing health advocacy campaigns.  She has worked with a variety of not-for-profit groups across North America and Europe to promote strategic health policy initiatives with an emphasis on patient and consumer involvement in health care.

Prior to her position at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, she was a partner at  World Health Advocacy, planning and implanting stakeholder campaigns, working in partnership development and researching health policy papers and briefings.

Elisabeth has also co-authored a number of published studies related to patient involvement in the healthcare system.  She has also presented posters and given presentations at numerous conferences and symposia. Aside from her professional responsibilities, Elisabeth is a Board member of the Canadian Organization of Rare Disorders.

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