Ward Health has developed an international database of national patient and health organizations, designed to facilitate communications and global research between the world’s public and private health care organizations, and the patients they serve.
Currently more than 2400 national and international patient organizations have been chronicled, including:

  • 502 national and international cancer organizations
  • 326 organizations advocating on behalf of rare disease patients
  • 1023 patient organizations from Europe
  • 260 from Latin America
  • 457 patients groups from across Asia
  • 352 civil society organizations in Africa

The database can be filtered by conditions or disease state and includes nearly 100 disease states, conditions or focus areas including maternal and newborn child health, sexual and reproductive health, obesity, mental health, neurological diseases, movement disorders, diabetes, respiratory diseases etc.

“Through our database, organizations seeking insight into the patient’s perspective and experience relating to health care, medicine and available treatment options have a means of accessing patient advocacy groups, coalitions and disease associations around the world through one comprehensive and adaptable channel,” says Chris Ward, founder and president at Ward Health. “Patients are at the core of what health care providers, and drug and disease researchers do.  This tool will enable health stakeholders to better engage with patient advocates in whatever disease area or jurisdiction they choose.”

The database can be filtered by country, by region, and other multi-lateral groupings, such as the G-20, APEC and The Pan American Health Organization. It contains details of each group’s online presence including their social media channels and follower statistics.  Comprehensive contact information is also recorded for each patient group.

The database includes insight into each organization’s activities in international and regional coalitions, as well as alliances such as the European Patients Forum, the International Alliance of Patient Organizations, the Global Lung Cancer Coalition, Global Fund grantees, Partnership for Maternal and Newborn Child Health and many more.

This web-based application is under constant development with new features added frequently.  The next release will include the addition of sub-national groups (province and state organizations) and improved social media analytics.

If you are interested in receiving a demonstration of the application please contact us.

Contact:  Christopher Ward, cward@wardhealth.com, (202) 813-6748